Mar 14

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: Cube World Modded Survival map Download

Skyblock Survival map, Cube Block, only consits of a minecraft cube. Every side of the block has an own biom and is crossed by caves, dungeons and canyons. enjoy byyyyyeeeeee………






– Build a cobblestone generator
– Build an infinite water source
– Find a dungeon
– Build a cornfield
– A trade with the villagers
– Go to the Nether
– Go to the end
– Build a monster trap
– Build a Functioning Redstone circuit
– Find a Diamond
– Find a Smaragt
– Build a Nether portal
– Collect a pearl of Ender
– Farme obsidian
– Find a Nether Fortress
– Get through the Ender fountain
– Holding Farm Animal
– Find lava
– Build a Golem
– Use an anvil
– Use a brew stand
– Find a Disc
– Grab the final egg
– Craft a Cake
– Build a house
– Find a sponge
– Find a “Mystery Scroll”
– Angle a fish
– Find an mine
– Find the Star Cube
– Find an Easter Egg
– Go to all four biomes
– Tame an ocelot
– Tame a Wolf
– Find a Pumpkin
– Find a melon
– Find and kill Herobrine
– Find a way out of the Nether Cube
– Find the secret chest in the end
– Find 3 Dungeons
– All without cheating: b
– Play with a friend: b
– Find a hay bale
– Tame and Ride a Horse
– Trade with 3 different villagers
– Crafte or find a diamond sword
– Collect 10 Smaragte
– Collect 5 Diamonds
– Collect 15 Redstone
– Collect 20 flowers
– Collect 60 Cactus
– Find Nether Warts
– Find a “Spider’s Nest”
– Build a base on all four cubes
– Go to the Center of the Earth (Lava Core)
– Build a sugarcane farm
– Craft a Pumpkin Pie
– Have fun :D
– Get all default achievments


– different biomes
– Caves
– Custom villager shops
– Custom landscape
– Custom mobs
– Empty map
– Hidden chests
– Easter eggs
– Canyons
– Structures
– Dungeon
– Mine shaft
– Custom items
– Nether Cube
– Star Cube
– End Cube
– and moooore…

Genre: Map Mod

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: Cube World Modded Survival map Showcase:

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